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The plastic bottles, bags and takeaway containers that we use just for a few minutes use a material that is designed to last forever. These plastics become permanent pollution and end up in waterways and the ocean – where scientists predict there will be more tonnes of plastic than tonnes of fish by 2050!
Spurred on by "Plastic Free July" we have decided to take some of the first steps to becoming plastic free. As part of this we have put together a range of products that we have found useful in helping us go plastic free. Reusable drink bottles, coffee cups, straws and food wraps all help us stop using those disposable plastics.

We are also looking at our in store practices and reuse all the packaging that our product is shipped in to ship out our online orders. We also give you your lovely purchases in either paper or resusable shopping bags. We are the first to admit we have a long way to go but everything starts with the first steps
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Kids Flask Ducky
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